Solar Energy

Understand how you can use the power of the sun to reduce your energy costs, hedge against utility rate inflation and help the environment

Solscient provides turnkey solar energy solutions to its commercial and industrial customers, including design, engineering, construction, financing and operation of solar energy generation facilities.

Turn-Key System

Solscient provides the “turn-key” development of PV solar applications for commercial property owners. These “Systems” include the PV panels, inverters, combiner boxes, meters, electrical systems, racking and related balance of systems equipment.


Solscient is responsible for financing the PV System, securing the federal and state tax benefits and incentives, and the renewable energy credits (sREC) derived from the production of renewable energy from the System.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Solscient is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the System, and provides on-line desktop real time monitoring to customers and energy management tools.

System Design

Solscient offers a wide range of design options for flat or pitched rooftops, including non-penetrating ballasted, fixed mount penetrating systems or ground mount systems. We will design and engineer the System to accommodate the existing roofing material and structural configuration. Our systems are designed for grid-connected, distributed generation applications at the location where the electricity will be consumed. This enables us to avoid costly permitting, interconnection and transmission complications and reduces environmental and safety risk. We take the responsibility for interconnection with the local utility.

Owned Systems or PPAs

Solscient offers its customers the opportunity to own the System outright or simply purchase the electricity generated by the System through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With a PPA model, the customer makes no up-front investment and incurs no cost associated with the installation of the System. Solscient owns and operates the System, and the customer pays for all electricity generated by the System at a per kilowatt hour price fixed over the term of the PPA (typically 20 years). This enables the customer to avoid price volatility and hedge against medium and long term energy cost inflation. At the end of the PPA term, the customer has the option of either: (1) extending the term; (2) terminating the PPA and having the system removed; or (3) purchasing the system at its fair market value.

Lower Costs and Value-Add

Solscient’s customer, the property owner, simply enjoys the lower costs of electricity generated by the System, and can either retain that benefit or pass some or all of it on to its Tenant(s), thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the property in relation to competing commercial space. The property owner may also take advantage of the marketing and public relations benefits of being a producer and consumer of clean, renewable energy. Our turn-key System enables our customers to unlock hidden value from an existing asset.