Solar Energy

Solscient provides turnkey solar energy solutions to its commercial and industrial customers, including design, engineering, construction, financing and operation of solar energy generation facilities.


System Design

Soslcient offers a wide range of design options for its customers, including flat or pitched roof configurations, non-penetrating and ballasted systems, ground mount systems and elevated racking structures. Our systems are designed for grid-connected distributed generation applications at the site of the energy consumption.



Solscient has strong project management and execution capabilities for all engineering, site preparation, procurement and construction phases of the project. Solscient is also responsible for final testing, inspection and commissioning of the system.


Solscient provides customers with multiple options to participate in solar energy, including: Direct System Purchase, Power Purchase Agreement, Ground or Rooftop Lease


Governmental Permitting and Incentives

Solscient is responsible for utility interconnection approvals, permitting and approvals necessary to construct the system.



Solscient has extensive experience and is responsible for securing all governmental and utility incentives associated with the system, including federal and state tax benefits, performance based incentives, renewable energy credits and related programs. Incentives are geographically specific, and often play a critical role in making a project economically viable.



Operations and Maintenance

Solscient provides ongoing operations and maintenance of the system, including web-enabled real time performance monitoring and state-of-the art energy management tools.



Turn-key Development Functions


1. Planning Phase

  • Site Selection (Solar Irradiance – Pathfinder Report)
  • Structural Engineering – Load Requirements
  • Electrical Engineering – System Design
  • Permitting and Approvals – Authority Having Jurisdiction (Local Building Code)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Component Selection (Modules, Inverters, Racking, Balance of Systems)
  • Contracting with Off-taker (Lease, PPA, FIT)

2. Construction Phase

  • Materials Procurement
  • Deliveries and Staging
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Labor Oversight & Supervision
  • Final Inspection and Commissioning

3. Utility Matters

  • Interconnection and Net Metering Agreement with Utility
  • Registering as Certified Renewable Energy Generation Facility
  • Registering with GATS for energy production certification
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement for sRECs
  • Online Monitoring for Performance and Energy Production

4. Financing Matters