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Visit Our Portfolio

The Solar Opportunity

With Costs at Historic Lows, You Can’t Afford To Ignore Solar

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How Can Solar Improve Your Bottom Line?

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Why Solar?

CONTROL your electricity costs through the use of Solar Energy. REDUCE your current annual energy costs. REDUCE your energy cost volatility. FIX your electricity rate. MANAGE your peak load, demand, and capacity charges. CONTRIBUTE to the global shift towards sustainable energy resources.

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  • How It Works

    The Solscient Energy Team will provide turn-key solar development, construction and financing services.

  • Environmental Benefits

    Clean. Green. Independent. A quiet solar revolution has begun.

  • Distributed Generation

    Distributed generation, providing low cost, clean power where you need it.

  • Check Out Our White Paper

    Download the Solscient Company's report and learn 5 ways Solar can improve your bottom line.

Solar Energy Services

Solscient provides turnkey solar energy solutions to its commercial and industrial customers, including design, engineering, construction, financing and operation of solar energy generation facilities.
  • Solar Can Reduce Electricity Costs

    The cost of PV solar has dropped to the level whereby solar produced electricity is below or at least competitive with utility supplied electricity in many markets.  For Time-Of- Use markets, solar is producing at the time of the highest pricing segment, thus offsetting the highest Energy Charges.

  • Solar Can Hedge Against Utility Cost Volatility

    Solar is uniquely able to offer fixed cost power over the 20-25 year lifetime of the equipment, due to the absence of variable fuel input costs.  Using solar enables a company to hedge against utility cost inflation and volatility and thereby improve certainty of financial results.

  • Renewable Energy is the Future

    Solar can contribute to achieving corporate sustainability goals. Customers are asking for environmentally responsible corporate practices, and insisting on measurable, tangible evidence of action. No longer are broad principles and platitudes enough.  

  • Solar Supports Energy Independence Goals

    Solar has immense potential for energy independence.  With the cost of storage, including battery technology, declining rapidly, the notion of off-grid energy independence is no longer a futuristic fantasy.


Statement of Qualifications

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Commercial Solar Installation Project

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