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Why Solscient?

We are intensely focused on solar energy solutions for our commercial, industrial and utility customers....nothing else.  Solscient has constructed over 22 megawatts of  solar projects in six states; over 85,000 solar panels generating over 28,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

Solscient is a fully integrated solar energy finance, development and construction company. We design, develop, install, own and operate solar energy systems on commercial, and industrial rooftops or other on-site locations, which provide clean, renewable energy to our customers while reducing energy costs.

Solscient’s team is comprised of experienced photovoltaic solar, finance, development and operations professionals, with deep regional market knowledge to apply the optimum solar solution for each location and customer. We have assembled a strong network of engineers, project managers, electricians and experienced installers, as well as investors and financial institutions, which enables the rapid and effective deployment of PV assets.

Our approach is simple and efficient, enabling our customers to deploy our turn-key system while incurring no up-front cost, enjoying the benefits of lower cost of electricity and enhancing the value of their real estate asset.

We like it when Solscient projects speak for themselves. Check out this video below to see the time-lapse installation at General Motors, Lordstown, Ohio.


Call or email us to set up an appointment to see how we can help you achieve your energy management objectives with solar.