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Will installing solar on my rooftop cause leaks and other problems?

Solscient’s installations involve no rooftop penetrations.  Our most common rooftop application is on standing seam metal roofs.  This type of roofing material is designed to last up to fifty years.  We use a S-5! Mini-Clip (pictured below) which affixes to the vertical fin of the standing seam, with no penetration.  And for flat rooftops, we use a ballasted racking system (pictured below) which are engineered to withstand 90+ mph winds with the combination of the system’s weight and ballast blocks.  Solscient engages an independent structural engineer to evaluate its projects prior to finalization of system design.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement and how does it work?

What is Net Metering and how does that impact my solar array?

How will I know how much electricity my solar array will generate in any given year?